Azul Plationo

Azul Platino granite is a natural stone that blends incredibly well with most kitchen interior designs. The light gray background of the stone allows it to contrast with white cabinets that can brighten up a kitchen, but this stone can also go well with dark gray or black cabinets without bringing down the mood of your room.

Additionally, this kind of granite can match with metal accessories that you may choose in your kitchen. Stainless steel can create a monochromatic and stylish kitchen look, while brass fittings could accentuate the gray in your countertops and create a more traditional look. Other metal fixtures that go along with your kitchen appliances can create a smooth interior design with your granite countertops.

From afar, darker minerals in the stone may the slab seem darker than it really is. Up close and lit by natural light, the lighter grays in the stone are more apparent and can be easily highlighted by using light colored paints for your kitchen walls or your cabinets.


There are many applications for Azul Platino granite. You can use this stone as a backsplash in your kitchen, as a design feature to accent your sink area, for your kitchen island, or as a unique tile border going around the interior of your cooking area. Whatever you choose to do, this granite variety is a safe bet for your kitchen surfaces.