Blue Pearl

Blue pearl granite is a natural stone used for decorative purposes. It is a top choice for a large number of people for their kitchen countertop material. It is extracted from Norway and sold all over the world and it is known to be the second strongest stone in the world, Graphene being the toughest of all. The blue pearl granite tends to be popular among various homeowners is due to its silvery blue shade and being unique of all the other types of stones. It is particularly used to construct countertops around the globe. 

The ‘Blue Pearl’ Granite

Coining the name

Even though the stone is called blue pearl, however, it is not actually blue in color as many people might perceive so. The stone consists of large amounts of mica and quartz which gives it a more metallic look than silver blue shade. The shine that the stone gives is how the name ‘blue pearl’ was coined for the stone.

Varying Shades and patterns

 The undertones of the stone do vary and they come in shades such as black, grey or blue. These typical blue pearl patterns may vary from stone to stone. Their certain pattern is not always tightly packed. For instance, their maybe black and white tones in certain areas and there may be some areas that have a lighter texture of blue on one particular area while darker in other areas. This varying pattern is one of the top reasons why Blue pearl granite is picked by many people.

Why Blue pearl granite might be the best choice?

There are various types of granite that are available around the world and which also largely depends on where you are residing. Blue pearl granite, though expensive, is extremely beautiful and bright as blue crystals are found within the surface of the stone. Moreover, it has various benefits and useful properties which is why not all people can afford using it in their kitchen. However, suppliers offering reasonable price can always be found. Ensuring that you can afford to have blue pearl granite is wise thinking. 

Benefits of blue pearl granite:

What are the benefits of using this natural stone in your kitchen? There are numerous benefits of this stone. 

• It is highly long-lasting, which means it is a kind of investment with fruitful results,

• It is also dead set against scratches.  

• Blue pearl granite is itself a stunning stone; this means that the beauty is added to your kitchen countertops as well

• Another reason why homeowners in Middletown should go for blue pearl granite is due to its ‘cool’ properties. What I mean is that blue pearl granite is a good insulator to heat. It will remain cool in warm temperatures and that is exactly why they are perfect to use in the kitchen as they tend to be cool when touched.