Colonial White

Colonial white granite gets its name from the colonial days of the British Empires expeditions in India. It was once loved by the elite of both British and Indian society.

So has it stood the test of time? Is it sill as desirable as it once was? Are colonial white granite countertops right for you?

What Is Colonial White Granite?

Colonial White granite is a highly sought-after granite that is quarried in very limited quantities in a very small region of India.

It is a very exclusive material that has continued to be popular ever since it was given its name back in the days of the British Empire.

It is prone to staining as it is white granite, and any acidic liquids should be cleaned up on as soon as possible.

However, due to the unique mineral composition of colonial white, it is a bit more durable than many other white granites when it comes to staining.

What Color Is Colonial White Granite?

Do not let the name of this granite fool you. Colonial white granite is unmistakably a soft cream color as opposed to white.

It’s reasonably uniform bedrock makes up the vast majority of the appearance of this stone, up close or from afar. There are occasional soft smoky gray patches dotted around the stone.

They are very light and add a little depth to the glorious cream bedrock, complementing it perfectly.

As with many premium granites, there is a defining feature that makes them so desirable. With Colonial White granite, this is a splattering of gentle dark rose pink mineral deposits.

They are simply astonishing in their elegance and are the absolute perfect shade of pink to complement the soft cream bedrock.

These minerals are usually no larger than 0.5cm in diameter and are found reasonably uniform throughout the stone (and are rarely seen in concentrated clusters).

What Cabinet Colors Go Well with Colonial White Granite?

Colonial white granite will create kitchens with quite different ambiances to them depending upon the color of the cabinets. We like both light and dark styles equally depending upon the desired effect.

When combined with white cabinets we feel Colonial White granite countertops look the most elegant and opulent they can be.

The slight cream tone of the bedrock complements the often-stark white of the cabinets softening the appearance of the room significantly. It allows you to have a predominately white kitchen without it appearing too cold or clinical.

The Colonial White warms the room up while remaining light and fresh and the red minerals become a beautiful focal point. Standing out against the blank canvas of the white cabinets.

When combined with darker wood-stained cabinets, Colonial White granite countertops take on a much more prominent tone.

The light cream bedrock reduces the amount of contrast between countertop and cabinet, and the combination has a very continuous, following feel to it – despite being reasonably contrasting colors.

This highly designed feeling is helped tremendously by the rose-pink minerals, which seemingly match the cabinet colors – despite often being a different color altogether.