Giallo Napolean

Giallo Napoleon granite countertops have speckled patterns of gold, cream, and yellow with dark grey veining which is a uniform overall appearance. It is commonly used in residential homes for countertops and it is a builder grade stone. Besides, Giallo Napoleon is a clean-cut stone and it is also very consistent. This stone actually has all the earth colors. As a matter of fact, this stone consists of all the earth colors in its body to serve for every opportunity in kitchen remodeling.

For cabinet ideas, this is a very unique color you can go either direction in which selection of the colors. Giallo Napoleon granite usually paired with white or cream-colored cabinets, since it has typically yellowish undertones. Backsplash ideas, definitely natural and cream colors are preferable no matter which cabinet color picked. For flooring ideas, depends on which cabinet color picked, if you pick dark cabinet colors you better choose cream color flooring or if you pick white cabinet color it is better to choose dark hardwood color such as cherry or similar.