River White

This is one of the most beautiful white granites in existence. River White granite countertops are quickly becoming hugely popular with demand increasing year on year.

Let’s take a look at what makes this granite so special

What Is River White Granite?

River White Granite is a stunning stone that is only found in a specific region of India. It is found quite abundantly throughout this region and there are several quarries in operation.

Like all white granites, River White is prone to staining from liquids and heat. Also, any staining that does occur will be very obvious due to the granites reasonably uniform color.

Keep River White dry and away from hot pans to ensure it stays looking as good as new for its entire lifetime.

What Color Is River White Granite?

The main color of river white granite is (unsurprisingly) a clean crisp white color which forms the bedrock of the stone. It is littered with light gray veins that are rarely darker than smoke in color. These veins are thin and reasonably infrequent, and because of this it has a very soft overall appearance.