Silver Cloud

If you are looking for a strong granite with the bold pattern of an exotic and a subtle grayscale palette, look no further than Silver Cloud Granite.

Quarried in India, this mid-priced granite is also known as Viscount White Granite (spelled in several ways, including Viscount and Viscont).

The defining features of Silver Cloud slabs are the long veins of white, gray, silver, and black that flow across the slab. Up close, the granite has unique sand-like distribution of minerals, as if the different colors were poured out, but mixed together in places.

Silver Cloud granite comes with dramatic darker swirls spread across the slab and some batches of Silver Cloud also come in lighter version like the one shown below.

Silver Cloud Granite fits particularly well in modern and contemporary kitchens. The black and white lines are a great granite alternative to marbles like Statuario in trendy, clean-white designs, and the black and white palette is a natural fit for mid-century kitchens done in a modern style.

We recommend using an edge profile with clean, angular lines, such as an Eased or Beveled edge. The Half-Bullnose edge also look great on Silver Cloud, particularly in the context of a traditional kitchen style.

What Cabinets Go Best with Silver Cloud Granite?

Of course, it’s easy to see that Silver Cloud Granite really pops against white or black cabinets. Either choice will highlight the crisp grays and silvers of the stone. This countertop also is set off well by espresso cabinets. We recommend staying away from very warm wood colors such as oak or maple. Cooler tones such as cherry are a better fit for Silver Cloud Granite if you want to use a natural wood finish on your cabinets.