Typhoon Bordaux

Typhoon Bordeaux granite is an amazing type of granite stone. It features an interesting color design that consists of rich burgundy, gray, white, beige and gold. Because of its earthy shades, veins, and swirls, Typhoon Bordeaux Granite will make you feel truly close and connected to nature. However, this feeling won’t be a sham because this granite was taken directly from Nature. The pattern of Typhoon Bordeaux Granite usually possesses twists in more than one direction like water in rapids or waves.

If you wish your kitchen space to be bright and alive with color and movement, this is the right choice for you. Typhoon Bordeaux Granite is also a good choice for anyone who likes to be surrounded with an artistic vibe. The gold veins, the astonishing bows of burgundy red and glistening creamy drops swirl magnificently with one another. This beautiful combination will make a powerful artistic statement in any kitchen.